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The institution is named after Sri.M. Basavaiah, widely acknowledged as a benefactor for the marginalized people in the princely state of Mysore during the pre-independent India.

An advocate by profession, Sri.Basavaiah was the embodiment of extraordinary leadership, generosity and limitless sacrifice. He had the conviction that our advancement depended on the growth of all the fractions of our society.

He was the founder of ‘Friend of the common people’, an organization established to attain justice for all. He was a member of Mysore Representative Assembly Economic Development Council, and Mysore Legislative Council in the early 19th century.

Sri.Basavaiah put aside a monetarily lucrative career, with utmost conviction that purification of the soul lies in serving the impoverished.

His untiring efforts and struggle for uplifting the backward communities is so unique that he iscalled ‘Ambedkar of Karnataka’. The great fights he undertook to elevate the lives of illiterate villagers suffering under poverty and backbreaking toil of land is an unforgettable chapter in the history of Karnataka.

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